Church History

Every fundamental Bible college or Bible institute should offer a course on church history because the "church history" that is often written about or taught in learning institutions amounts to Roman Catholic Church history. The truth is, the true church of Jesus Christ was conceived during his earthly ministry (Matt 16:18) and born on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2), while the Roman Catholic Church was institutionalized through the Roman emperor, Constantine the Great in 313 AD. The Roman Catholic Church has been the greatest persecutor of the true church throughout history- it is the "Anti-Church". As such, any complete and true church history will cover a degree of Roman Catholic history but it will emphasize the struggles and victories of the body of true born again believers. These lessons track church history through the natural outline provided in Revelation 2-3: (1) The Ephesus Period (30 AD- 70 AD); (2) The Smyrna Period (70 AD- 313 AD); (3) The Pergamos Period (313 AD- 476 AD); (4) The Thyatira Period (476 AD- 1517 AD); (5) The Sardis Period (1517 AD- 1734 AD); (6) The Philadelphia Period (1734 AD- 1901 AD); and (7) The Laodicean Period (1901 AD- The Rapture). They are based on the curriculum, Landmarks of Church History, published by Bible Baptist Church Publications out of Oak Harbor, WA. If you or your church would be interested in this material, please visit their website at: