The Rapture & 

The Judgment Seat Of Christ

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ is in two distinct stages, separated by at least seven years. Before the Lord Jesus returns as King of kings and Lord of lords and defeats the Antichrist and the armies of this earth at the battle of Armageddon in order to set up his glorious Millennial kingdom, he will return as the bridegroom to receive his bride, the church, unto himself and take us to our home in heaven (John 14:1-3). This first stage of the Second Coming of Christ is called the "Rapture", taken from the Latin word raptus meaning "to catch up". What is the Rapture, who is involved in it, where does it take place, when does it take place, and how does it take place?  An integral part of the Rapture is the transformation of the believer's body from our current vile body into a glorious body like the resurrection body of the Lord Jesus Christ. What will our glorified bodies be like?  Following the Rapture is the judgment seat of Christ. Who appears at the judgment seat of Christ, where does it take place, and what is its purpose? These series of lessons attempt to answer all these questions and more.