Mystery, Babylon The Great

The 279 lessons below represent what could be the most comprehensive and extensive study of the subject of Mystery, Babylon The Great ever produced. There is not a single minute of “filler” information in the over 210 hours of instruction. The material is based on a study of the 407 appearances of the word Babylon, its various forms, and related terms (e.g.- Shinar, Chaldean, etc.). After an introduction to the subject is presented, the student is presented with the various theories regarding the identity of Babylon the Great, followed by a two-part textual analysis. The first part focuses on verses that contain the word Babylon (or related term) and their immediate context. The second part focuses on chapters or parts of chapters that are devoted to the subject of Babylon. In this second part of the textual study, a verse-by-verse exposition is provided. Lastly, the student is presented with information related to the various types of Babylon the Great. For those who engage in listening to this series in its entirety, you will learn just how deep and wide the tentacles of Babylon the Great reach in the world throughout history and into the future. She is a city, a false religious system with immense political and commercial power, and will be the entity that sweeps the Antichrist into power and forms a global religion, government, and economy that will enslave the world. She is also the personification of the world system. You may not agree with all the conclusions presented, but you will be challenged and learn something, and most importantly, come away with a greater appreciation for the Lord, his salvation, and his word.