Fallen Again

The Mass & The Mark

The lessons below deal with the subject of the coming great apostasy- the "falling away" (2 The 2:2) that will take place after the rapture and usher in a one world religion. In this series, we explore the Characteristics, the Cause, and the Consequences of this great apostasy and attempt to answer the questions, What is the great apostasy? When will it take place? Who instigates it? How will it unfold? Additional information is presented through the study of types including Balaam and Jezebel. There is a definite connection between the rapture, the apostasy, and a strong delusion (2 The 2:11) that the Lord promises to bring upon those who have rejected Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. The main theme of these lessons is that the great apostasy is brought about by a strong delusion that could come in a repackaged form of the original lie in the garden of Eden, "ye shall be as gods" (Gen 3:5), including an "alien" visitor delivering it (Gal 1:8). The apostasy culminates with the mark of the beast, which will be Genesis 3 all over again and a counterfeit of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Receiving the mark of the beast will not give the recipient immortality or godhood, but will alter his DNA and make him "two-fold more a child of the devil". He will not be BORN again, but will be FALLEN again and beyond the scope of Christ's redemption.